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Hey guys,

I recently had a client looking to grow a Twitter account. To be honest I really didn’t want to get this request.

With that said, is it worth investing the time in automation? I’m great with Instagram + Mass Planner. Blowing up! Twitter - i’s like a dead zone to me.

I have no doubt I will be able to really get good on automation, but what are the returns like?

Is follow / unfollow dodgy?

Seem like a lot of people on here said there was a wave of bans???

Thanks for any input :slight_smile:

With Twitter, don’t limit the activity to only follow/unfollow, you’ll easily get in trouble. Mix the actions, start with low settings and gradually grow. Let’s wait and see what the others will say.

A lot of our clients use MP for Twitter automation, they get password reset every now and then, but that’s mostly because too aggressive settings or because Twitter detected bot behavior.

So, you’ll have to use settings that will make your account look human :slight_smile:

as @mommyfats said, don’t use only one or two tools (follow and unfollow), throw in some favorites, a retweet or two per day, some tweets and account should be fine.

Oh, yes, don’t forget to add night mode, couple of hours when none of the actions will be executed. Also, ask your client to avoid logging in to that account.


I would introduce follow and unfollow slowly, like very slowly. Only follow maybe 40 per day to start tops, favorites you can get away with 300- 400 a day until you hit 600-800 (in my testing). I would set unfollow to only happen a couple of days a week.

Definitely setup a good campaign of tweets so it looks active.

Personally, I set it up very human like. follows in the morning, favorites all day (8 hours tops) with a random 30-60 minute break across all actions, tweet a few times a day, and retweet a few times a day. Only 1 PV, on my test account it got PV’d several times for following/unfollowing the same day, and for more than 100.

Report back and let us know.


I love Twitter! Seems most people think it’s dying, but I’ve had great luck driving traffic to blogs with it. In fact, the majority of my social traffic comes from Twitter.

I go balls to the wall. If the account lives, it lives. If it dies, I buy another one.

It’s all about scale. I’ve found you need at least 40 - 50 secondary accounts liking / RT your main accounts to get the best results. Once you start getting 40 - 50 likes / RT, you start to get noticed by real people.

I’ve got one account in the travel niche that is getting 200+ like / RT on everything I post.

Here are my typical settings…


Could I pay you to do what you have going on above for me? I have one account I want to grow. I can handle all the posts. Let me know.

@mrsmith A simple mention with the “@” and our username would suffice. And no, I do not. Try searching “Twitter accounts” in the search box.


No, I don’t sell accounts. Please check the Marketplace if you are looking to buy accounts.

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Hey @worktime @mommyfats @trolling4dollars @Adnan I found an account that I want to purchase with amazing numbers. It is however following a lot of people. 44.8K to be exact (wow).

9500 Tweets
44.8k following
47.4 followers (i can see 2000 are fake through audit)

Before I purchase the account I’d love some advice on how to safely delete all the tweets, following, likes. Through my limited experience and research Twitter obviously will ban if I mass unfollow.

Any thoughts on how to safely do this? I will want to get rid of all the tweets, following and likes.

I will help you if you please stop tagging me in this.

Use this to delete Tweets.

MP will unlike all likes (I think), you will just have to slowly unfollow the users until they are gone (no idea why you would do that anyways)


I have the same experience I am going to give this advice a try

This is true. And also, it will be on top of searches. This is what I normally do. But so far, not much on driving traffic.

I’m def not saying Twitter is dead, but I’m solely on Instagram. I have one account I want to market and I’d love to have 50 accounts constantly liking / retweeting. The question is how do I get 50 accounts up and running? Buy them all? Brand them?

For Twitter, I’d just buy the accounts. Buy twice as many as you need, warm them up for a few weeks & get through all of the phone / email verifications.

Set them up to favorite / RT your content - but also set them up to post their own unique content, too. RSS feeds are a good option here.

I’ve been meaning to move my Twitter over to MP. I’m currently scheduling posts via Hootsuite, haven’t played with MP in Twitter just yet. Going to set it up this week and see how well it does. Try this out.

Let me know if you experience “blocked” by twitter and that they needed to call your phone to verify it.
Also, let me know if you have been blocked by simply retweeting and liking (not posting from the warm up time).

MP is soooooo much easier than Hootsuite. Don’t get me wrong, HS has it’s place & it’s a good tool. But scheduling content, MP is totally the way to go.

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Twitter is currently my main social media traffic source and i’m getting really good results with it so i’d say it’s definitely worth it.
Just as others said just try to take it slow in the beginning to warm up your account and slowly increase your actions.
I mainly perform actions such as posting tweets regularly, follow/unfollow relevant users and sending DMs to new followers.
As others mentioned you may get locked out of your account once in a while but it’s easy to get back on and continue from where you left off.


shadow bans are pain in the asshole for sure. Other then that i cant say much . Goodluck

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