Twitter "are you a robot?" not loading

Can someone help me? Deleted Cookies, Cash and History… doesn’t work

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Contact support, they’ll have to check it out.

@nilsdev it gets solved adding “mobile” to the url…so in the address bar will show

Unfortunately you need to do it manually…

@Adnan Maybe there is a need for upgrade the user agent on twitter? Thank you for your amazing work in any case!

Thanks, works for me :slight_smile:

Now I’m going to verify 200 accounts manually :frowning:

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Sounds like a good plan for a Sunday afternoon
:sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

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Haha i just paid someone to connect to my server and to it for me :)… Worth it haha these recaptchas make my pulse go wild haha

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Google’s car artificial intelligence would suck without us

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Are you using proxy? I’ve got issues with EB not loading when my proxy has been in invalid state.

Try verifying your proxy and see what happens.

I fixed this by clearing cookies. Hopefully, the devs will work on the permanent fix.