Twitter ask for captcha and pva

i tryed to create 5 accounts using mobile app {i read on internet we can have 5 accounts on the app } i used mobile data ip and one real sim card . twitter let me create all five but after 10 minutes all get captcha and pva …just if i open the app .
i tested creating just 4 accounts using app , mobile data ip and a real sim , and there is no captcha and pva …but when i add them on jarvee some of them get captcha and pva after first follow .
ps: i add a profile pic on the app and i made 20 follow to sugestion on app , just for warming up .

I suggest not adding the accounts to Jarvee only after a week or two before adding them to Jarvee.

Also, make sure to not use more than 2 accounts in the same IP/Proxy.

so you say i cannot create 5 accounts on mobile app using mobile data ip and real sim ?

I did not say that, I am referring to the next steps after the accounts’ creation. In Jarvee, try to not use more than 2 accounts in the same IP/Proxy, and if you are using a 4G proxy, you can use up to 15 accounts per proxy.

i understand , but the big problem i have is on creation , if i create 5 accounts on the app , all ask for captcha and pva … just minutes after i created the 5th one .if i create only 4 , no one gets captcha and pva .

I never created bulk accounts from the same phone, I use an external browser like Firefox and some extensions to clear cookies, history …, or the Twitter Create tool in Jarvee, So I don’t know how it goes when you use the app from the phone.

i created for the first time with the phone app …so it wasnt a footprint .
by the way , i hear about jv creation tool , but how you do pva to the accounts ? i guess manually right ? because creation tool only acccept emails , and twt does not work only with emails …i mean you can create account with emails , but without pva you get follow shadow , i`m right ?