Twitter asking for PV on Jarvee

Everytime i am logging in on jarvee and try to login it comes valid on the status but when i open the browser it asks for the login on the same account it shows as valid and i have to login and then twitter asks for Phone verification. I can do this on 10 accounts but for more this is super difficult. Any idea how to solve this issue ?

even though they show as valid they will still need PV

try better accounts/proxies

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This is a Twitter additional security verification. You can sign up for an SMS provider under Settings > Connectivity > Instagram/Twitter Phone Verification, add the API key and make sure that your acct on the SMS provider has enough credits so that Jarvee can solve the PV required by Twitter during the login.

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thank you for your response actually accounts provider did gave me phone numbers and i added them. There is another issue and that is of changing the passwords of the accounts so far i only have 10 so its easy to change the password but when i scale it will be quite a task to change the password in bulk , any tips ? thanks alot for the detailed helpful response

On the Social Profiles view, tick the checkboxes beside the accounts affected > click Actions on Selected Profiles > select Fix Password Reset.

In order for Jarvee to change the password in bulk, the accounts must have the Email Validation tab set up correctly and it should show an ‘Email is Valid’ message when you click on Test IMAP/POP3.

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