Twitter Automation has become Impossible Now

it is more restrict Twitter now.

I´m following 8-10 people per hour and a max of 200 per day.
If I try something higher than it, account get blocked asking for phone verification!

I dont have an idea of how to reach 400 follows per day !

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I bot during the work day and set it for a long time between follow and unfollow, I’m talking over a minute for some actions but it’s in the background whilst I’m at work, so not too bad.

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Are you using ***? Any issues?

I follow like 30-100 people every day on 5 accounts and about the same unfollows with no proxies with JV. I also send auto DMs with links. No issues at all compared to IG


Are you sure that those actions stick? Do you check those followed unfollowed accounts after 5-6 days?

Honestly I don’t really check but the DMs for sure work, and the accounts are growing so i think so?

can you share the setting ?

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that is almost like IG… are the settings the same also?

I think Twitter is becoming stricter. I just got about 4 PVs in a day in 1 account and I’m doing nothing aggresive with the account (in fact, on one occasion, Twitter suddenly asked me to do PV when I was only browsing with that account). I also got PVs in other accounts. Never experienced this before with Twitter.

My twitter accounts are running very well. Are you using 4G proxies?

Not using any proxy because I only run 5 or so twitter accounts.

I think that is the reason why you are having issues. 4G proxies are becoming pretty essential on all platforms as it is the easiest way for them to identify automation

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I run accounts with DC proxies without problem. You need to warmup your account and solve PV when you have, after that you can follow without PV (hardly ever)

I have no issues on my accounts. Not using crazy aggressive settings though.


Do you have any recommendation for DC Proxies?

I was using highproxies but am switching to LTE

Hi we also run Twitter with JV and we just have issues for the first log in. We always need the verify code sendet by Twitter if we log in on JV. After that we can make no more than 100 Follow, Likes and Unfollow / Day. If we make more than 100 Actions we get some issues and PW reset. If we stay under 100 we run well and we gain like 3-20 Follower / Day. But low Interaktion. If we post every 10 Days we get more interaction each post. If we post every day we get 0 interactions. Its perfect to grow Followers but not the engagement or Website Link Clicks.

If you dont post 30 Days and you run actions you will get also issues an a PW reset. So we did the experience that you have to post for minimum 1 Post in the month to run action <100/day and each function. And never run Follow and Unfollow at the same time and dont make after follow actions. If we set up Follow and make after that 1-2 Likes we also get issues. This is my experience. Better go slow and grow every day a little bit instead of run-in hard and have all time problems and some times big grow and than 1-2 weeks nothing.

Cheers. We have our own proxies and we dont use a VPN server.


I have set it and forget it settings for Twitter, will post them when I get to my server and can screenshot. They are small, 60-90 F/UF and 60-90 Favorites, but no EV/PV or password resets.

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I recently got like 4 of my accounts suspended. Two of them are from clients. :frowning:

dont you guys have shadow block issues?