Twitter Automation has become Impossible Now


it is more restrict Twitter now.

I´m following 8-10 people per hour and a max of 200 per day.
If I try something higher than it, account get blocked asking for phone verification!

I dont have an idea of how to reach 400 follows per day !


I bot during the work day and set it for a long time between follow and unfollow, I’m talking over a minute for some actions but it’s in the background whilst I’m at work, so not too bad.


Are you using MP? Any issues?


I follow like 30-100 people every day on 5 accounts and about the same unfollows with no proxies with JV. I also send auto DMs with links. No issues at all compared to IG


Are you sure that those actions stick? Do you check those followed unfollowed accounts after 5-6 days?


Honestly I don’t really check but the DMs for sure work, and the accounts are growing so i think so?