Twitter Automation has become Impossible Now

Hi guys, who is doing twitter automation here , is there anyone who is still doing twitter automation successfully? , im getting many passwords resets on my accounts from last 1 month today almost 20 of my twitter accounts got password reset message, and all my twitter accounts are shadow blocked, accounts follow and like posts but people don’t get a notification that we followed and liked them

I been doing it even year ago it was very hard… at least for me no matter what settings i tried on JV i was doing max 50-100 follow daily totally random it work very short before you get password change request and if you continue after few times they disable account so be careful. Twitter users are different they report you always, plus security is tight. Back 1 year ago i was wondering why Twitter less popular than IG have such strong security in place, and why IG didnt implement something to prevent f/u spam but now they both are.

I am still doing twitter automation follow unfollow within the limits of the twitter only doing about 300 follows and 700 unfollows per account per day , I also post manually always.

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hm have you checked if your accounts are shadowbanned or not? you can do that with this website

I still do Twitter automation as an add on for IG growth clients. I do about 50-80 F/UF and 30-50 likes per day. Accounts grow about 100-300 per month.

bro , what proxies are using for twitter accounts i think old account can do more actions but for new account safe number is surely what you just told me ,


You’re only getting 100-300 new followers a month? Sounds like it’s an uphill battle.

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Using raw mobile.

I don’t use it, I just sell it as an add on for $50 to $100 a month.


do you have a link in your accounts ? wondering why twitter is so harsh

no bro but i got same description on all accounts and same post, that may have triggered it but accounts are very old

ya that could be a big red flag lol duplicate content doesnt do well on any social media

@ZTR no I am not shadowbanned because I do not use proxies and only have 4 twitter accounts I think it might be your proxies bud

i was using dc proxies im moving to 4g proxies now

I can follow up to 500 peoples everyday with few accounts using the same proxies, I think is depend of type of accounts do you use.

are you using jarvee for twitter?

What proxies do u use ?

@ZTR Yes
@Welsh_Magic DC and 4G proxies

Hi, new in twitter, i try to start with my first account with a mobile proxy, and just to write the password account is suspended when trying to log in. Accvount receives a message saying if you were the person to log in they might ask you some questions. I tried to log in again, and account suspended. account is not shadow banned… any idea what is going on? Thanks

Its has been getting harder and harder for sure. Lost a lot of accounts and then quit twitter because Instagram is more relevant

How did you lose the accounts?