Twitter Ban/Blocks/Suspension

Hi :wave:
I am setting up accounts for a few clients in Australia I am in the US and I am constantly suspended even before I can run MP. Any tips on what I can do to eliminate this? Any help is appreciated thanks!

Do you mean it happens even before you verify the account in MP? Did you create the accounts?

Yes its before verification. No I did not create the accounts they are clients :S

Your client might be accessing the account on their device that’s why you are getting suspended. Check if that’s the case.

So I need to ask them to stay off the account for 24 hours while I set up?

Unfortunately, they will need to disconnect their accounts as long as you are running them on your end. That means they will not be able to use them as if they do, twitter will likely ask you for verification again.

An option for this is use a proxy for the accounts and give the proxy to your client so that you and your client can access the account using the same proxy

Ok but how can they post? So they cant post if we are running traffic? So pretty much I can only run traffic on twitter if I am also automating the posts too?

They won’t. However, as I said in the previous reply, you can use proxies so that they can use the accounts.

Twitter is really sensitive with login Locations. I had that same problem with clients of UK (My IP is from Spain)

You and your client must use the same proxy(private unique proxy, not shared)

If you do not want to have problems with bans the best way is avoid logins from outside. So you will do all the stuff.

Remember: MP can also post a list of twitter post with images so you only have to add on a Campaign. Hope that helps


Thank you! That is really helpful seymour :smiley: