Twitter bots need labels

Saw this and thought it was kinda funny… Then thought there was a way to make money with it…

Interesting read, thank you for sharing this @intdirjp

I personally haven’t seen any immediate issues or effects from these new changes or policies with my automation but the spam from African region accounts as well as that phishing redirect log in hack is extremely out of control… I was really wondering when they were going to take action on this

A side note: the most major effect for me personally would have to be when a year or so ago they changed the daily follow limits drastically. You use to be able to follow over a thousand a day

Now I’m maxing out per account about 450 follows a day which I think is actually a tad over the limit. I owe this to testing + the high quality proxies

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Regarding to proxy, can you recommend a proxy provider?

Hey @Raptor

To answer your question I use my own that I also provide for my customers. If you would like to know further info please feel free to dm me

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@Raptor you can try iplease, they do twitter and have a decent service.