Twitter Call Verification (help)

Guys, I got this Twitter Call Verification. They called, I got the number and then unlocked the account. I’m now afraid of running the follow and like bot again and get my account permanently suspended. This is a business account, so I can’t have the change of getting it banned.

Have you ever got an account banned after this kind of verification? What do you suggest?

Thank you all in advance, I love being part of this community.

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this is the first time i hear about twitter call verification.
There are another choice or only one choice?

There was only this option…

Twitter is more strict this year. If before twitter asked sms confirm on suspicious activity, now in most cases asks phone call. Nothing worry about.

Also I have a lot phone calls when I try to remove phone number from account.

So make sure that you have access to phone number and think about account activity limits.

Why don’t you get 100 Twitter accounts to slave for your business.
Business accounts are easily banned on Twitter and most of the time, they don’t get it unbanned.

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