Twitter called me on private number for verification and there was no voice on the line?

My account got locked today out of the blue and I tried to unlock it with my phone number, however Twitter didn’t give me an SMS option but a CALL one. When I got the call it came from a private number and there was no voice on the line until the connection dropped. I tried this until I exceeded my verification code limit (which never came). I emailed Twitter but I doubt they will return back to me. How am I supposed to unlcok my account? Any idea when I can try it again since Twitter keeps saying “try again later”?? I need to access it asap.

Twitter was down yesterday for a minute, probably having issues all around.


just try again later. it happened it me and i tried a day later and it worked. I have one number set up for 5 accounts.


aliens, illuminati, lizard people, or the little folks named CIA

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Just try again sometimes it happens randomly


Maybe it was pennywise!