Twitter changes SMS to Voice calls

My accounts getting Phone verifications time to time.
They were using SMS to verify phone and it was doable.
But now they are making calls to get the code and it’s very hard.
I think the cheapest way is Google Voice.

What do you think, do you guys any other cheap solution for voice phone confirmations?

Are you sure they changed? I received verification sms from them a few days ago. :smiley:

Seriously, all verifications I got in the last months from Twitter were voice.

When using a simcard from another country it will cost you money.


Sometimes they send SMS, but last weeks all I got voice calls.

Is it the only way to get SIM cards? And how to use SIM cards? Is it a virtual card thing or real SIM cards that need to use in a mobile phone? That’s a lot of work then… |:

Another question; is there any good Google Voice provider here?

They use both methods at random to catch people with no real sims to recieve calls

The best way to bypass Twitter voice verification would be to use real SIM Cards, I’m not sure if Google Voice will work for that.

If you get voice verification on a lot of Twitter accounts, sure thing it will be a lot of work but it will be more reliable.

I’ve also noticed the change.

Twitter took down a giant botnet not too long ago.

I guess thats why they changed it to calls instead.