Twitter Client Management - Best Niches

Hi Guys,

With Instagram getting tougher, lots of us are looking to diversify into other platforms like twitter and Linkedin. We run a few twitter accounts and they are growing incredibly well. Does anyone know which niches are particularly active on twitter and may be willing to pay for twitter growth service? Our current clients are famous authors. I would be interested to hear what your niche your twitter clients are in? Thank you in advance!

Are you using MP/J for the growth?

Yes I am using Jv

I am experimenting 2 twiterr account suspesions in the last month, never before, just doing 70 f/u day, what I am doing wrong?

What proxies are you using? I can’t even get my Twitter to register on MP.

I use my own 4G proxies based in London and it is working really well

How many follow/unfollow/DM per day doing right now?..Also please share your max action per day after few days test…

Could you send me a PM? I might be interested in your growth service. Thanks.