Twitter Contact Members Tool - Two Part Question

Hey folks,

Two things. I have several of my accounts set to automatically message new followers a given message, but it seems like the tool keeps shutting itself off? What triggers this? Am I missing something? I keep having to manually turn it back on, then it sends out a bunch of messages, then inevitably goes off again. This is the number one way I have of driving traffic to my facebook page so I’d like to see it perform more consistently.

And on that note, and for the second part of this question, other than sending messages to new followers, which is an obvious one, how else can i use this tool to message more people? I mean new followers constantly isn’t a given. I’m having a little trouble understanding how best to utilize the extract features/function to get that URL in front of more eyeballs potentially.

Any tips you guys/gals can give me on making better use of this feature would be great. Trying to get those Facebook page likes up anyway I can.

The tool probably shut itself off after getting multiple errors, we made it stop itself after 15 consecutive errors to keep your account safe, the next time this happens check in your Dashboard == Summary and see if you are getting errors related to the messaging feature.

If not, send a message to support and they will look more into it.

You can extract users and send messages to them without waiting for them to be your new followers, here’s a step by step guide on how to do that:

1- Go to TOOLS and then click on your Twitter account.
2- Go to Contact Tab
3- All you need to do here is enter the url of an account you want to extract its followers and press start and wait for Mass Planner to get all the followers.
4- Go to Use members tab, and select all the members you want to send a message to.
5- Scroll down, write you message. Make sure if you send a message you send a very good one that doesn’t look like spam so you have a better chance of it being read, you can use spin syntax in the field however that’s only in case you send too many messages so Twitter doesn’t see it as spam.

If you don’t have that extra module, you will need to buy it first


Thank you I appreciate the thoroughness of that response!

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Okay so I just went through this procedure, and it seems to only extract 1008 members per account? Is this normal? What is determining this number?

It seems as though this happens to me me frequently, the tool shuts itself off because it gets 15 error code 116’s in a row 'page not found URL:

In idea how to avoid this problem so that it stops shutting itself off so frequently?

Please send an email to support and we will follow up there. Thanks.

Hey i got a similar problem but it is the instagram like Tool, it keeps shutting itself off each time i switch it ON. what can i do to correct that?

send an email to support and they will check it out, you’re probably missing sources

i had to remove the account and added it back again. it is working now.

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