Twitter cuts number of users you can follow from 1k to 400/day


Definitely not good. If this becomes successful at cutting off spam activities, others might follow suit.


Nah, twitter is still very easy to bot. It just isn’t as useful botting on twitter anymore. Now that feeds are stupid cluttered and their relevancy algo is horrid.

I find it useful for clients who still care…but trying to use it to make a buck myself…no way. The big problem is Twitter gets very ansy about being used in multiple locations simultaneously. However PVs are a lot harder to avoid if you have clients that use twitter a lot as well as lots of activity from multiple locations can trigger things really quickly.

Even worse, because there’s so many twitter management apps out there that automate content posting, follower management and more…even if all legit again really clamps down on the ability to do stuff. Traditionally I try to shove all my activity outside of my client’s usual use hours which is usually good enough.


I dont understand your reply to me?

I only dont on accounts that made it past 2 weeks without getting one. It would be nice if MP had the same settings available as Instagram, like slowly ramping up actions, etc. Twitter has barely anything so its rough to keep track of in addition to Instagram where we have all settings imaginable.


I was on phone and replied for error to u


What proxy are you using? I can’t find a good one!


I had twitter running off my vps and it pved a client’s account and then I got scared. Which proxies have worked for you? Which proxies are you switching to?

Also, …I’ve been thinking about this lately…have you thought about actually sending a laptop to your client with MP on it and just managing MP from the client’s home/office to use Twitter? I’m thinking I can get the costs right for this to be a viable option.