Twitter cuts number of users you can follow from 1k to 400/day




This does suck but I have a client’s account growing like wildfire on Twitter and doing 100 - 150 follows per day and same amount of unfollows.


Just getting back into Twitter and while it’s a tad annoying, I have to say I haven’t had that much success with follow / unfollow anyway. Had much better results with spun replies and just engaging via retweets and likes of related tweets. If you produce good content and stay tight to a topic they will come!


Those people who have already have huge accounts (grwon with boting) are now opening their chamapgne bottles… :champagne: :
“Yippie, this cuts off a lot of other, arising competitors”

Dont like this way of thinking, but its a fact, that some people will love this news…


I have 8k followers but really struggle to go above 80 follows a day. Everytime I come close to 100 I get PV or suspended change password. Warm up was 5 a day, any recommendations to bypass it? Thanks.

Posting quality content 4-5 times a day, but all on autopilot. Don’t do any engagement myself.

Just goes to show how disconnected Twitter really is. I haven’t seen a single person in the past year able to follow 1000 people per. day, lol.

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Yeah I heard Twitter now days is really hard to follow bot. Dont you get PVs like crazy etc.?

I am going to start some stuff on Twitter soon so I guess ill see lol

Have you tried logging out from everywhere except where you’re doing the activity from? This was recommended to me when I couldn’t stop the account from getting suspended/PV and it worked.

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I received a few Suspension notices right after this update happened, 3 yesterday and 3 today, all of the accounts were running fine before that, I’ve tried appealing but no luck yet

Even your mobile device? This is an interesting idea. Will give it a go and see! Thanks for advice.

Yeah, I was going to add how are people even getting up to 400 follows?? I can do about 60 spread out all day with a rest time and anything above that is instant EV/PV.

Does anyone have 100’s of clients paying you to grow their Twitter accounts? Is there a huge market for it?

I have about 40 clients paying me for Twitter. But its very rough and results suck. However I use datacenter proxies. I am switching to mobile ones to see if that has a better impact. I have some clients running on the datacenter proxies just fine growing upwards of 1000+ per month on Twitter, but many get constant PVs and password resets.

twitter is a joke one 1 side they are saying 400/1k follows per day and even if i cross 100 on any twitter accout it locks the account so i have stopped doing twitter automation cannot deal with the pv and account locks

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I have 2 client accounts on Twitter growing at a good rate since Nov/Dec 2018 doing max 150 follows per day. I wanted to see how they performed before offering it as a service. Then I got a 3rd client and it was all hell. As soon as I logged in, would go into Suspended. Took me a week to get it going and then it was constant PVs. No growth. I think I could handle sporadic clients coming in to see if it’s worth it and if the account is getting results but not sure how easy it would be to onboard dozens of clients at once.

Cuz 400 follow day it’s a normal human. They are also kind to warn us.
When you need someone, but you don’t want to admit it…

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Twitter has been murdering automation for 2 years now. First with decks, now with PVs, and now this. When I have to change my password, I don’t even bother changing it in my automation software anymore. When I get to it, I get to it. Their murdering their own platform. More and more people are focusing on IG, and IG is where the money is. I used to do 1k a day easily, and was gaining 300-400 followers daily, back in the good ole days, like 2014-2016. Now it’s impossible to even get results.

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Not anymore. There was a market 4-5 years ago. Twitter has murdered automation time and time again. I used to sell twitter growth, that’s how I got my start. Now I’m too lazy to even bother with my personal account.

Yeah arnt the PVs ridiculous on Twitter?

They must not know you need a good balance of botting and real users or else a lot of content wont get posted etc.

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Used to get none. Now I have to change my password every other day lol. Not even worth it anymore.

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