Twitter dead in 2021?

Im planning to start again my journey with MP but now in Twitter. But first of all i wanted to talk with the pros in here to understand how much i can do in todays scenarios in that social media automation wise. ¿how bad the limitations are atm? ¿Any idea about how the tools are working?

Twitter is not dead people still do it :smiley: but in my opinion and experience very difficult to automate. Good luck

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Yes the twitter is still very effective and can be used with good results.

I also know lots of ppl having success with twitter. Automation is quite difficult, but in 2021 it’s kind of hard on every platform right :smiley:

Some techniques are still working, stay away for auto follow/unfollow if you can

You can follow/unfollow users, as long as those actions are not executed at the same time (bc technically you cannot do that manually on the app/browser).

TW is also strict with posting the same image/text repeatedly even if it’s past a couple days already, also with using the same link. Even coming up with a different bit.lys but it still redirects to the same URL can give you errors when posting.

I personally think twitter is the best social media. If you warm your accounts up and use them like a normal user would then automation is possible. Depending on your niche twitter can also be highly profitable

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Help me out lol

I’m looking for limits too

How many accounts are recommended per mobile proxy?

It depends on the type of proxies that you will use. If you will use 4G proxies, you can assign more accounts there.