Twitter DM Line Break - Bug


After the latest Jarvee update my DMs are completely broken, instead of sending the whole DM it only sends the last line.

Please have a look at this.

Jarvee will type the whole message in the browser but will also add the last line to the top for some weird reason, like this :

Please have a look at this,

And at the end will only send this -> Thanks!

Anybody with the same issue?

You gotta send message to support regarding this, asap :slight_smile:

It can be fixed easily if they are aware of it.

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I have also had this issue before. It’s brutal. I use API now and it seemed to solve it. Are you EB?

Those options are only for IG, For Twitter there is no option to switch to something else besides EB.

It’s best to contact their support and to notify them about the issue.

I think you misunderstood something, I am aware that Twitter is EB only, the issue here is that when it sends a DM it only sends a part of the Spintaxed text, the last line and not the rest and everything worked great before the last update.

I send support a message to let them know about this, hope there’s a fix soon