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Hello MP users,

I have a problem with my Twit accounts. Engagement is really Sh*t !.

With 90 accounts just 500 total followers per day is crazyyyyy.

Follow :
Follow 450/600 a day 60/100 people per operation wait between 40/80
Scroll page for 69 sec
-user has prof image

  • user has min 20 tweets
  • User has tweeted within the last 20 days
  • user is not following this account
  • do not follow private users

250/450 max a day wait between 45/90 like between 3/7

  • pick tweets less then 1 days old
  • skip tweets containing free,hack,giveaway

Retweet ~ 10 a day
Pick tweets less then 24 hours
** Post 40/60 max a day with 1 pic and random text with 1 hasjtag
** Mention 20/40 max a day with 1 pic and random text with 4 accnames
Every post unique pic etc etc…

I have tryed different settings but my engagement is very very very low around 500~ new followers every day with total 90 accounts.

I hope somebody can help me out with this.
Maybe problems with my filters or i just follow spam accounts i hope SOMEONE CAN HELP ME.
That person would be my 2017 Hero :joy::joy:

@BrandonBerner @Adnan @Johnny

Hi @MPrules

What niche/vertical are you operating in? Twitter works well for some, but not all, verticals.

Twitter, more so than Instagram, is generally more effective for brands. With Instagram - at the moment - credibility, longevity, and brand perception don’t appear to be all that important. This is probably due to the limited opportunity to brand your company/offer on Instagram. Let’s face it, a small circle avatar doesn’t provide for much difference between a big brand and some scumbag small brand.

So, I recommend:

  1. Making sure your header banner looks good and encapsulates your brand/offer. Desktop use of Twitter is relatively high.

  2. Posting content that is ideally unique, or at the very least contributing in some way to followers within your vertical. Currently your posting frequency is too great. Slow down. Improve quality. If I was following you (and not a bot) I’d unfollow you after about your second or third shitty automated post. I wouldn’t wait until your 90th some time later that day!

  3. Getting a little more strategic with your use of the tool. MP is phenomenal software. It works a lot better when it supports a well thought out marketing campaign. This means you might actually do better using fewer accounts but in more meaningful ways.

Overall, try and think like one of your prospective followers who you want to take some action. Ask yourself this:

Do my 90 unbranded accounts posting 90 times a day look like spam?

If the answer is yes, and to me that seems likely, you need to find a more strategic way to use the tool so that you’re not just creating noise, spinning your wheels and wasting your time. Only then will you start converting with Twitter.

Good luck


@Arthur accounts are in fashion niche

I don’t spam. Don’t spam with links just have high quality pictures in my niche.
Normally i posted 5/10 posts a day. They told me to post at least 150+ pday.

Now i have Retweet ~ 10 a day
Pick tweets less then 24 hours
** Post 40/60 max a day with 1 pic and random text with 1 hasjtag
** Mention 20/40 max a day with 1 pic and random text with 4 accnames
Every post unique pic etc etc…

What do you suggest ?

Instagram, with it’s highly visual nature, is probably more suited to sharing fashion images than Twitter. Twitter tends to reward info, tips, advice that is somewhat newsworthy or timely.

Having said that, there are obviously some big fashion brands that do well on Twitter.

Here’s what I recommend…

  1. Pause.

  2. Take some time to think about your brand’s ideal customer. Write down who they are. Why on earth would they be interested in your fashion images? The reality is, they don’t know you and they don’t care you right now. And they probably don’t care for an endless stream of images of people wearing tight leather clothing. Your job is to understand who your ideal customer/s are and what they care about. Only then will you be capable of engaging them on Twitter.

  3. Research other fashion brands on Twitter that you want to emulate. What are they doing that you’re not? I guarantee there will be substantial differences between your account/s and the ones you’d like to emulate. And I bet these accounts have a pretty darned good idea who their target customer/s are. Note each difference, write it down, and then devise a plan to narrow the gap.

  4. As I previously indicated, make sure every element of your Twitter account reflects positively on your brand (header, logo, images). The better consumer brands follow a consistent theme across all of their social collateral. Their audience can often recognise them in their (crowded) Twitter feed just from the graphics they use.

  5. If you understand your ideal customer, it’s highly likely they’re interested in a variety of content, and not just a never-ending stream of images of men in leather underwear. So, give them a variety of content. What news might your ideal customer be interested in? Would branded happiness quotes make them happy? Would short videos brighten up their day? If they’re into leather, would pictures of half naked men drooling over sports cars do it for them? (These are questions you need to answer by understanding your ideal customer). The key is… variety. Branded variety.

  6. Ask yourself whether having hundreds of small twitter satellite accounts is really helping. Unless they’re also delivering value (to someone, even you) then they’re just noise. And if they’re crap accounts with low engagement then they’ll never be noisy enough to be heard above your big brand competitors.

MP is a fantastic tool. It enables you to manage shitloads of accounts. That doesn’t mean you should. The tools also works brilliantly for managing and growing a small number of high quality accounts.

One well branded, thoughtfully curated, engaged Twitter account is worth infinitely more than thousands of never off, constantly posting, minimal engagement, obviously botted, spam accounts.

Unfortunately, hard work is involved. The beauty of MP is that, once you’ve got a robust strategy in place, it takes care of some of the drudgery of managing campaigns. But the tool, even though it’s phenomenal, can’t do the thinking for you.

Your call.

Best of luck


No, no no.


Go find 10 or 15 big accounts in your niche - the more the better. Look for ones that are getting lots of likes / RT per post. If they’re only getting 1 or 2 per post then forget them, no matter how big the account is.

Follow the users who liked or RT those accounts.

Do that & I GUARANTEE you’ll grow. Fast. **

** assuming, of course, your account is worth following.



I have source list of big popular accounts in my niche with lots of likes per post.
200 acc list. I have splitted this in 3 = 66 accounts(source) for my 30 twit accounts
Each 30accs working 6 hours.
I retweed posts from this popular accoubts too ~10x a day.

What kind of filters for follow do you advice ? I think i follow spam shitty accounts
Or just no filters and only follow who likes posts from the big accounts ?

What i am doing wrong ?

@Arthur thnx i will do more research.
How much posts/retweet/mention do you advise for a twit account wich works 6 hours a day ?

Here are the settings I’m using

That’s it.

@trolling4dollars thnx

How much posts max a day ?
How much popular hashtags in 1 post 1/2 ?
How much mentions with 4accnames in it a day ?

I’m tweeting 6 times a day on most accounts & retweeting another 5. I think you could safely go higher than that, but I don’t because I don’t want to run out of content!

I use 2 hashtags.

I don’t do mentions.

@trolling4dollars just tweetinf 6x a day ? People told me to tweet at least 100x+

No, I don’t tweet that many times. If I saw that many tweets from someone per day, I’d block them.

But that’s just me

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You’ll never get close to your intended max likes per day if you’re using these settings. Or is that a mistake/typo?