🧐 Twitter Exposed by Project Veritas, Thoughts? 🧐

Earlier Wednesday James O’keefe of PV came out with a few undercover videos/recordings of conversations with a “Sr. Network Security Engineer” who spilled the beans on a few twitter practices that confirm some suspicions that they are involved in actions that may surpass their user agreement. I am no lawyer but for now the videos that are out do not necessarily seem illegal (giving trumps twitter DMs to the DOJ) but who knows. In a radio interview O’keefe did earlier today he stated that future videos to be released capture the same “Sr. Network Security Engineer” speaking about how they actively capture and archive in his words “everyone’s dick pics” to keep on file “for a rainy day”. I can’t deny the temptations they may have due simply to the lack of oversight some of the top executives and engineers have but overall a scummy move IMO.


What do y’all think?