Twitter Folllow Trains Question - Still a thing?

Hey all, last year I found someone here who basically highlighted 1-3 Twitter accounts with 10-40k followers. The idea was very simple - follow the followers of those accounts and you’ll get an insane follow back rate. That worked amazing! FBR was like 60-80%, yes the quality of the accounts was shit and it destroyed the feed but that wasn’t important for that specific account and it was growing like crazy while I was doing it.

I am trying to find such ‘follow trains’ again, does anyone have any more recent experience? And if so, can point me towards it? :slight_smile:

yeah, basically the follow/unfollow method is still working fine I would suggest that you scale it even more until you start getting 80-90% of follow back constently.

How many actions can I run on Jarvee with twitter? On a semi fresh page?

well, Twitter is not like IG they are not that strict, you can start with 150 follow a day then increase little by little and see how it goes.

are you sure about that? I’m just starting now but from what I’ve seen last year going over 50-60 too quickly would soon get you a PV and perma suspension if abusing it further. I’ll see how it goes now, but I would even say Twitter is more strict sometimes.

Wrong. The limit without shadow ban or suspended, limit actions, or PV is under 80

Do no more than 50 follow actions per day, following hundreds accounts per day will possibly make the target accounts not receive notifications from us when we follow them (shadownban).


I would piggyback that 150 is quite a huge number… So yeah, you can start with around 50 per day, let’s say have it on that limit for a week, then if all turns out good, you can increase the numbers gradually

I can do way more than that without any issues, maybe because I have old accounts.