Twitter Follow Limit Reached-Sleeping for 6 Hours

Hi, My accounts just keep getting their limit reached by twitter when using Mass Planner.
What can I do to prevent this from happening?
The accounts would just run for 5-10 minutes follow 20 people and get banned from following then same thing after 6 hours even. Been 2 - 3 days like this.
I haven’t had a good luck with mass planner while using twitter profiles.
Instagram on the other hand works great.

i had the same problem, twitter was just blocking my follow actions every time.I solved reducing follow per operation. Since in twitter options you don’t have a delay time between each follow, you have to play with operation time and follow per operation. For example 2,3,4 follow per operation and 5-10 or 10-15 minutes before each new operation, depending on how many follows you want.

Is this the message that you are getting?

Twitter Followers/Follow ratio limit reached, auto-follow sleeping for 6 hours

Twitter has rules that prevent you from following a whole bunch more accounts than are following you. While Twitter doesn’t publish the ratio, it has been determined that the ratio is 0.90. That is:

[# of Accounts Following You]
[# of Accounts that you are Following]              has to be >= 0.90

So, to prevent hitting this limit you need to increase the number of accounts following you or decrease the number of accounts that you are following.

By sleeping the auto-follow tool for 6 hours, the ratio will increase (assuming that MP auto-unfollow tool is enabled and continues to unfollow during these 6 hours).


To solve this faster you can just buy some fake followers, people on twitter sold like 10k followers for $5. They won’t be that good, but they will allow you to follow a lot more. Make sure not to have the follow back tool on so you don’t follow back all those fake profiles.

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What I do on fresh accounts is I bear with it until I reach around 4000~5000 followers, after that I just try to keep number of following less than number of followers. That means, I am expecting a phone verification to occur once in 24 hours, verify it with my own sim and I am good for the next 24 hours :slight_smile:

So you’re phone verifying every day for your accounts? Seems like a huge pain in the butt, no?

Yeah, it is :frowning: But that is only on new accounts and I know it is temporary, until it reaches around 4000 followers. Its more like a daily chore, like brushing teeth :slight_smile:

If you don’t mind me asking where can I buy 10k followers for $5?

Well, multiply that amount by 12 and you can get it right here :grinning:

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I used to get them on fiverr, there were a lot of sellers ofering this. Haven’t gotten any in 3-5 month though so can’t recommend a good seller.

I use to get them that cheap on Fiverr too, back in the golden days, but it’s no longer like that. :slight_smile:

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