Twitter Follow settings

Has anybody figured out the twitter follow & unfollow settings? I have been playing with them but Twitter keeps preventing it.

How do they keep preventing it exactly?

constant password resets

I have problem with Followers/Follow ratio limit, the bot follows like 6-10 people and then go in standby.
And actually account ratio is 0.90

I am having this issue as well. Not sure what is the desired ratio, but I see this all the time.
I think the tool is trying to say that you are too close to the 5,000 limit.

not even close to 5000 limit, I’m starting to think the tool cannot do the job, It seems nobody is getting success on twitter with it

This could happen when Twitter is suspecting automated actions on your account. If you are only running Follow and Unfollow and no other tools, this would most likely trigger that. I’d suggest to run the other tools as well so that it would look more human.

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Can you be more specific?? How should your tool be used increase followers? What settings does your tool need to be put at to achieve results? what other tools should be used with follow/unfollow?

well i have 26 followers and 29 following

This really depends on the age of your account as well. Also, @mommyfats is right. You would need to run other tools on twitter to prevent this from happening. My account is following and sending message to new followers and I have never been asks for a password reset.

Try it out and see how it goes.

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May I ask what your limits are @euhero?

Are you still unable to offer specific settings for follow or unfollow rates?

It’s hard to give figures on this…what may work for one account may not necessarily work for others. You need to find the balance between the filters, sources used and your settings to get your desired results, not to discount the fact that you need to make your activities on the account not look automated.