Twitter Follow Shadowban

Does anybody have any viable solution for shadowbanning on Twitter?

I’ve started growing 10 accounts, all doing 50 follows a day, never faced any action blocks or anything like that, but when I follow - the account that is being followed isn’t getting any notification. This is literally happening on the first follow.

Any ideas what might be the case?

Do you have any older Twitter accounts? If yes, did you double-check if when you follow with them, the notification will be there?

What do you have in common for these 10 accounts that you started growing?

I don’t have any old ones, but I’ll buy aged ones from November 2014 to see if it matters. All of the accounts are posting NSFW content and that’s pretty much it.

Facing the same issue right now. New and old accounts are affected but mostly on new accounts.

Im currently not doing any Twitter automation but could it be related to type of proxy?

Datacenter vs Mobile/Residential?

Not sure, but I use datacenter proxies. Been going smoothly for years until now.

I’ve had similar issue with contacting or mentioning users. Last time I’ve checked, even month after the shadowban I was still suspended from those actions. I suggest resting accounts for some time, 6-7 days and then try again.

since you mentioned that the issue is happening from the first follow it’s most likely an account issue, it could be that you bought some flagged accounts, you can try with others and you might consider a proxy and see how it goes.