Twitter for social signals?

Anybody knows if tweets with bitly shortened help for the domain (that is shortened with bitly) or is it better for social signals to use the domain without url shortener?


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Why not both? Also, add some sharing on G+, that should help a lot, in the end, Google loves its own platform.


@info6943 i don’t think it hinders it but just incase i do a mixture of shortned with bitly and the full URL.

@Adnan is right too, we manage many google+ accounts and page for this very reason. Not for the interaction but solely for the SEO benefits of it.

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Not sure of how it works for 2017, but as @ATSocialMedia mentioned, it won’t hurt to use a mix.

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Has anyone talked about sniply on the forum? I don’t see it anywhere. It can be useful for drawing traffic to your site without needing to create an article.

What I also expierenced is that if I put the websites URLs in profiles of FB and Insta and Twitter, without doing anything else it brings some traffic. My question: Can we use one URL in let’s say 3 different FB profiles or google profiles?

Thanks @Adnan and @ATSocialMedia - I will get into G+ a bit, never did anything there.

I believe it won’t be a problem, unless you start spamming groups with your URL.

I highly doubt that.
Google crawls fb pages, not fb profiles.

If you search google for a fb profile of john smith, the only result you’ll get is a link to the profile itself.

But for fb pages you’ll find much more, like all the details in the info tab including the website, and even the posts.

You can use complete as well as shortened url’s as far as you are spamming the web with same url.