Twitter guru needed

Hi im setting up 300 accounts on IG and it seems to be a full time job so looking for a marketeer who would like to do the same with twitter??

I own a award winning premium beauty balm.

This will be an on going relationship and by my calculations there should be £2,000/m comming your way (assumed rate of sale is only 50 units per day). We can offer 20% discount codes viw DM to pull the sale through.

If you interested in taking over twitter marketing the get in touch asap.


Hi @Verinder1 good luck with this. I just wanted to offer you an alternative. You could hire a VA to do this for you, it might require a little training in the beginning but you will have a fixed amount to give him each month.

im not interested but can you give more info? So you only get payd if you sell the products? do you pay for the twitter and proxy accounts before someone starts?

Yea we would pay for proxies and setup costs etc.

Then either pay a one off for setup or pay a % of sales ongoing with a view to mentor the whole way along

If you need something like that for promotions on facebook, let me know