Twitter Help needed!

Hey guys need your advice. I do not know what happened to twitter recently but from 280 accounts I get everyday around 40% either PVA or password resets. What I do is I have some tweets (NSFW) sitting, nothing posting, just following people (not even 200 per day). What might be wrong? THX

That might be a problem. Why don’t you add other actions too? Throw in 2-3 tweets per day, dozens of likes. Some retweets too.

Accounts doing only one action, over and over again would look suspicious to any social network.


I will give that a try

So I tried that sending tweets about 20 a day, follow 20 - 50 a day favorite 20 - 70 a day, retweet about 5 a day. Accounts get either PVA or Password reset every two days still

Twitter is trying to weed out automation. So they are on the lookout for anyone following. I know, I followed 20 people and I have a PW reset. Just set it to “favorite” the shit out of everything.

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thx spamming seems to be the way to go with twitter - trying a new method at the moment

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