Twitter - how to avoid PVA?

Hey guys

how do you guys avoid this nerving PVA requests?

What are your steps to increase following by day?

I don’t really care about Twitter. I have a lot of junk accounts that I have just liking the hell out of everything. Currently creeping up on 800+ likes per day…

Well, first of all - Twitter PVA comes & goes in waves. They’ve been hitting it hard recently & it’s a major PITA. I’ve got accounts 7+ years old that have gotten hit.

My suggestion - especially if we’re talking about young accounts - PVA the account & then let it rest for a few day. When you start it back up, go slow for a week or so.

By slow you mean 20-50 follow a day increase every day by 15 until reach 500 ?

Right. I won’t give you exact numbers because much depends on the account & account age. But yes. Start slow & then increase daily - let it take 7 - 10 days to get back to where you were previously.

thx man - helpful