Twitter limits 2022 . Does anyone know?

Hey does anyone have a rough idea on a “safe” amount to follow per day and unfollow on other days?

What I can advise is to not run the Follow and Unfollow tools at the same time (since you cannot, in reality, follow one user and unfollow a different user at the exact same time.

Start very slowly and then increase them gradually till you hit 120-150 follows and up to 300-400 unfollows a day.

Me for TW 120/175 FW and 100 UF accounts
4 days F.W.
6 days UF
The days in rotation and of course many days do FW t UF at the same time, and without problem, but it is important to heat the accounts

Are you guys really hitting over 100-150 follows on Twitter with no issue? Anytime I try to go even over like 70 follows I get hit with PVs and locks.

If without problems, they are old customer accounts,

What would your limits be for a fresh account if you don’t mind me asking

If the accounts are new, then yes, I get the same after going over 100 actions, but old accounts are doing great, I can do up to 200 or 300 follows per day, sometimes I get reset password once every month.

For new accounts, it’s better to stay under 100 actions per day.