Twitter locked out/phone verify

If you get a Twitter account locked out and it needs to phone verify but the phone verification number was a throwaway from an online service, is there a way to have it send to another number or is the account lost?

Unfortunately, no way to get it back.

Maybe contacting Twitter support via email but don’t keep your hopes high.

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damn that stinks… so is it best practice to always remove the phone number after verifying?

Yes, that way Twitter won’t force you to phone verify via that number

Only thing you can hope for now is recovering by an appeal to Twitter.
However like it was already specified, unfortunately there are slim chances for success…

Do your try anyways.

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what is the best way to contact twitter about an issue like this?

You can contact twitter using this link

Explain your issue in details. It’s worth a try.

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Good morning Adam,

I have a customer account, which is blocked and they do not let us enter it, it only gives us the option to call us for the code but the call never arrives, something can be done,
Thank you!