Twitter M/S in 2022 first time

Hello, I am planning to start my first M/S journey in the babe niche on Twitter.

I had to choose between Twitter and Instagram. I chose to stay away from Instagram because I found out it’s extremely hard to effectively run M/S on IG in 2022 without a high budget and no experience.

Is this the case on Twitter as well? I’m expecting difficulties, but is it doable for a first timer and how hard would it be?

My plan is to have 10 aged accounts for start that F/U around 50 times/day, with the main account pinned on the profile on every each one of them. Slowly adding more accounts as I grow. Any twist you would add to this method?

Any answers are appreciated

I’ve never had a good experience on Twitter. Not because it doesn’t work, but because I believe 50%+ of twitter are bots and journalists.

I’ve made some tests on 5 accounts and automation run well if you stay on low settings (like you can see, some days MP have trouble to scrape sources so it’s doing less than 50 follows but it’s still good)

I’ve also ran a test with more actions per day (150 follows + 250 likes) and account was banned after a week (and impossible to unban, I already filled the appeal form 5 times)

4g proxies? how many accounts per proxy? ah its about twitter haha tought its ig thread :smiley:

Yes 4G proxy, at the moment I use 5 accounts on one proxy with 24h ip renew (proxy from


Thanks for your input.

Do you do any other actions such as RT to emulate real activity or boost flw back ratio or just run on F/U? What would be the best way to redirect towards the main account?

I just started Twitter also, its very different from IG, cant seem to be able to even login lol

Hi. Can offer you self-developed program for Twitter automation

Which tool is this ??
And is this tool still in function or its not working rightt now ?

I see that when users are extracted in follow followers of target accounts, the account cannot search for followers because Twitter only shows some followers of the account. Is this happening to you ?

Good work this is so helpful