Twitter Mass Accounts - How to scale up?

Hello I run 100 Twitter accounts with 1 Account per proxy. All Accounts are promoting my website (which is a landing page and users click to get to my main page). It works but I want to scale up this.

Currently with 100 Twitter Accounts I get around 50 clicks/day on the landing page (80% of them click to be redirected to my main site).

My goal is to get 100 clicks/day with 100 accounts.
Maybe using 250 accounts and receicing 250 clicks/day.

Bottom the line, I want to get as many website clicks like accounts running.
I do following (10-30/day), liking (5-20/day), DM all new followers and on half of the profiles I do publishing tweets (5-8/day)

How can I scale this up? Lets discuss.

Are you using Jarvee for the Twitter accounts?

Please be advised that we do not have control over the users who will interact with your Twitter accounts. Make sure to target users who are possibly interested in your niche (and with that strategy of clicking, so probably users who are interested in games) and for your account to have content that can entice other users to engage with your account.

Yes I use Jarvee. I do only targeted actions. But I am not hjappy with my website clicks so I hope I can scale this up. I want 100 accounts to bring 100 website clicks if possible. 250 Accounts bringd 250…etc

Many thanks!

Twitter has not proven to be very efficient in my case when it comes to engagement. But if you want to continue, the only way is to test different sources, see what sources are bringing you the best engagement ratio and increase your run timers and limits.

OK Idk how to use Instagram in these days. I stopped IG in 2019 when they had the first hard updates and became more strict. Would love to talk about that. I can sharee adviced about Twitter as I am doing this for years with Twitter.

Hey mate ! It sounds like you’re rocking it on Twitter.
I tried twitter automation months ago but was blocked every 5 minutes. Could you tell us more on what kind of actions you’re performing ?

Yes I do for years. Lets talk deepls about it…you do mass scheduling? how many tweets you sent out? with links? mentions? how many accounts?

I buy PVA aged accs, change profile bio/picture, warm them up a little and then run 20-30 followings/20-30 likes, DM new followers…maybe publishing but since u wont have any followers yet, you need good hastags

So you do 20-30 followings max per day?

If you go more than that will you start to get PVs etc.?

To be honest I am about to update my VPS because mine is at the limit for 100 accounts. Twitter on Jarvee runs with the EB and its definitely at 95% CPU and 15/16 Gb RAM all the time which is too high. So I will update first to then check higher limits. Problem is I can set the following/day up but it wont happen because of so many accounts and CPU/RAM wont be able to handle it.

Depends on your set up

Do you get a lot of PVs or any verifications right now or is it running smoothly with the limits you have now?

I run 100 acc and get maybe 1-2 PV per month.
Almost no suspensions. It can come in waves though if I have bad luck.

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yes that’s right Jarvee work using EB and that will use much Ram and CPU, I think you will be able to get it up to 60 or 70 actions per day on some account without issues.