Twitter Mass Ban 25 January

Hey, anyone got some mass bans on twitter lately?

Not on my side.

Are you using aged or new accounts?

What tools you are using? and how many actions per day?

Follow & Unfollow around 30 daily and contact 5-9 per account, pretty weird i got all accs banned as it was working great for months

It seems you are doing something wrong, those settings are fine, are you sending the same text/link in DM?

How old are your accounts? and how many accounts per proxy?

3 accs per proxy i created them myself few months ago and warmed, i had blogger links that had auto redirect to one site, 3 different spintax in dm, 50 blogger links from same blogger domain per 350 accs

Since you are sending links of the same domain from multiple accounts, Maybe your domain is blacklisted, try to test by sending DMs without links in a few accounts and see if you can notice any difference

Is this possible that twt could ban all my domains in same time? my setup was like this bitly link → blogger (autoredirect) → my domain (autoredirect) → smartlink

Yes, that can be a reason, because all links are auto-redirect to a SmartLink, better to use a landing page where the users should click on a button or something, then redirect to the SmartLink

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So i suspect it was that because accs that survived mass bans are getting pv now after sending message, so im gonna try now blogger → landing page with button, thanks for help! :slight_smile:

Nope, haven’t noticed anything similar on my accounts but would like to hear other people’s experiences as well.

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Well it was propably my links in dms but weird it was working few months smoothly ;d

I don’t have any problems either, I only do F/UF 150 to 200 shares without any problem.

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If I have 10 linktree landing pages, and 10 twitter accounts, there is the same blog domain in the landing pages, will that be issue?

You should be fine.

So what about 1 linktree landing page with 1 blog domain in it for different social media accs?

Well best is to have for each acc different link url, one link for multiple accs can hurt your accs but i dont know limits :stuck_out_tongue:

No, I don’t recommend using the same link in multiple accounts.