Twitter Mass DMs Update?! ☆ ☆ ☆

Hello MP Social,

For awhile, I was purchasing Twitter DMs off websites and they were providing amazing results.

Has there been an update recently?

Many of my current service providers have been having issues/removed service all together.


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That’s really odd. Have you tried contacting any of those providers?

Did you ever find anything? I had a couple services bookmarked to test when I had time, and they no longer list Twitter DMs. About the same time you mentioned it.

The panel I use also removed this service recently.

Probably because DMing on Twitter is a bit useless right now, most of them goes to outbox. And this outbox is hard to find / check

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I’ve been getting good results, you need to do a little bit more than run on new accounts with no activity, the more organic they seem the better

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Do you know any provider/panel where I can buy Twitter mass dms?
I bought 1 week ago but they canceled it and removed the service.


I think you should forget about Twitter DM. Outboxing way too much:) maybe you can focus more on comments and likes?

hello outboxing of course. But I would love to see the ROI for me.
I rather try services out for myself to maybe find a sweet spot.

If I sent 1000 niche targeted DM’s, and I get 2-10 clients from it and 20-40% of them stay clients. Then its worth it for me.

By default, only people you follow can send you direct messages on Twitter . If you send to non follower you will land in request tab and it does not push notification (I tested from many types of accounts).

So let us say you want to DM account A and you have a set of accounts B C D from where you want to send the DM. You need to make A follow one of the accounts B C D before being able to send message to account A from one of those (without landing in request tab and pushing notification). Making someone follow an account is not something that can be done in a deterministic manner .

In those conditions, I would call it more Mother/Slave (follow and when follow back DM) for Twitter rather than just Mass DM…

Yes but I wonder when Twitter DM service comes back. My Panel told me next week.
I would love to try it out.

Yes they don’t follow first, they just send our Twitter DM’s and it will all land in request tab I am sure. The thing is how long will they stay there, and how much % will open it over the time.

I have doubt if anyone checks his request tab… Unlike Instagram or Telegram or Discord, Twitter Mass DM (for none followers) does not push notification and go 100% to request so it is useless…

Totally agree on this. Mass Twitter DM are close to useless.

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I don’t know anyone that does it cheap

how old would you say?

Can you tell me where to buy Twitter DM’s at the moment? On panels? Are theey scammers who just say that sent DM’s without proof?

I want to know if twitter dm are a good idea…I find smm panelas for 11 USD per 1000 twitter dm’s…should I try it?

Prefer using regular inbox DMs than mass DMs ones. Conversion and response rate way better on Twitter

where could I buy them?

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check your dm