Twitter Mass Tweeting/mentioning still works or not?

Hello I read that there are limits with Tweets/Mentions per day is 2400.
Could you literally just run twitter accs that are running send out tweets/mentions from Jarvee to an extraxted list (users in your niche) ? How high is the chance to get banned?

What setup do you recommend? 50 Accounts with 1000 Tweets/day = 50,000 Tweets
Even mentioning a link to your offer (bitly or whats needed?)

Hopefully somebody knows how to ‘‘hack’’ this.

What is possible?

Just an example what I mean

You can use the Twitter Mentions tool for that, this will send out the tweets to the campaigns for publishing. You can check out Twitter Mention Tool - Jarvee for more details.

Hey but will it work if you send mor orless a very similar content and the same URL every 1 minute? How would it work?

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Also interested to get the answer !

you shouldn’t do that of course, that will get you verification and blocks you should always mix things up and try to not have too many similarities.

Just like any other comment, tweet, or caption, we don’t recommend sending the same exact text again and again as that will be easily detected as spamming. For Twitter specifically, it may return with error 194 on Jarvee if it detects that you have tweeted the same text or the same link before.

Good thing you can also incorporate spin syntax on the Mentions tool :wink:

I really wouldn’t recommend that. Try to create different content but with the same point.

yes but I wan to share links…how would I do that

This method is not good. You get banned quickly.

@Adi_Ankonina is the Twitter wizard.