Twitter new shadowban

This is my first post. Sorry for my Bad English.

Recently I found my accounts got less follow back due to lack of notification.
(When I follow some accounts, they don’t get notification that I follow them)

How can I solve this big problem?

Take a look at this thread. Got the same problem. Twitter New "Shadow ban"

Still hoping for these shadow bans to go away after all this US election madness is over.

In the meantime switch to 4G proxies, don’t follow more than 80 per day and 24h rest after 48h activity.


I’d suggest you stop running the follow tool for a few days, then start the tool again with very low settings ( max. 50 per day). Are you running the favorite tool as well or just the follow tool?

Thanks for your reply.
I read your article before and did some counterplan.(ex:rest my accounts for 1 week)
But It didn’t solve my problem…

I think this shadowban have a relationship with IP address too.
But 4G proxy is so expensive for me cos I have over 1K accounts.
Do you know cheap 4G proxy or another solution?

I do follow less than 50 accounts per day and send DM to new followers.

And now I stop my accounts for 1 week.

But It doesn’t solve my problem

Do your account recover by your way ?

Your account needs some rest, change proxies, start very slow and avoid using multiple tools in the beginning then you can increase slowly after that.

I stopped my accounts and changed proxies…
But it doesn’t affect.

If you’ve tried all those suggestions without luck, then you’ll probably have to wait until Twitter decide to lift the ban.

you should try with a 4G or residential proxies but if they are way too expensive for your budget you will have to wait as Jaha said.

I understand I shouldn’t use data center proxy.
So which 4G or residential proxy service is good? If you are ok, please tell me…

Pos-elections update:

4G proxies don’t seem to fix the problem. I have warmed-up new clients’ accounts (super old accounts) and have witnessed shadow bans after just a few days running even as low as ~50 f/u daily. The only way is to follow ~50 per day for 2/3 days and then rest it for 24h.

The shadow bans on follow notifications are very difficult to track, but as my clients have a very high follow-back rate on average (20%)—I directly see when the performance is impacted.

In my opinion, it’s a twitter-wide issue and if you’re using Jarvee and run daily f/u you’re probably affected. Maybe likes or PM isn’t affected, I’m not sure.

Looks like i’m shadow banned too. Anybody have any success recovering their account from the new Twitter shadow ban?