TWITTER: Not following as many people as I want?

I think I may be missing something. I have my Twitter account set to the settings above and want to follow 80-100 people a day. Looking in the “results” tab, it’s only following about 15 people a day.

Am I missing something? I do have filters for minimum tweets, username, must have tweeted in last 17 days, and things like that but that shouldn’t affect that?

The sources have plenty of accounts to follow still from what I can tell. Any ideas?

Share more Screenshots of the settings in that tab please for better understanding for me and others, the same thing happened to me but I fixed it somehow.

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Turn off some filters if that doesn’t represent the big problem. If you don’t want to do that, then increase the Scroll the search page to 90 or 120 seconds so Mass Planner scrolls down more and finds more users to follow.

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Thanks for the replies guys! I tried 120 seconds, but it still only followed about 5 people in the last 18 hours.

Below are more screenshots.

Contact support, include all these screenshots plus screenshot of sources and results.