Twitter Phone Verification - death?

Does Twitter phone verification mean the account is dead/locked if the number is not accessible?

It seems the only way to recover the account is to contact twitter support through this form Problem with 2FA the support isn’t good so a lot of patience will be needed. :slight_smile:

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I haven’t found anything useful too from Managing your account so yes, the best way as it appears to be is to contact Twitter support. That’s why Twitter is very big on making sure you update the phone number attached to an account every now and then. I’ve had my Twitter account for about 10 years and they still ask me to update my phone number every now and then.

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How do you guys get the phone verified? SMS plat?

If you don’t have access to your phone number, I am afraid the only thing you can do is to contact their support and arm yourself with patience :smiley:

I don’t use SMS platforms for my phone number needs. I have local sim cards that I use for the other accounts.

How much does one sim card cost per day?
One of my accounts was suspended only 3 days after sending dms

Not sure about what you mean by how much does one sim card cost per day. I bought a prepaid one so I just purchased it one time, then make sure it has a load/credits/however you may call it so that the sim stays alive, along with the number on it.

How many DMs did you send from that account?

Less than 30 per day

How many sim do you have?

If i want to make 100 realistic acc i need 100 sims but it will take a lot of time to verify them and changing sim card every time , organize them etc… ?