Twitter Phone Verification - What happens when your number expires?

Hi, I got a couple Twitter Accounts that need PVA now and then and I don’t see any option to change phone numbers, they will just call the number you got on file.

Now I am wondering what will happen when my numbers become invalid (got some SIMs that will expire eventually). Seems like I would not be able to get my account back in that event? Would prefer not having to change a bunch of numbers now.

Am I missing something??

Good question, never had this problem but it’s something good to know. I guess one way would be to contact them, explain that you don’t have the number any more and maybe they can help. It might take a while though and they could ask for extra verification… If anyone has better ideas, shoot.

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I have that problem right now with few old acc.
I can’t verify them because my simcards are expired.
I don’t have a option for email verify only call option with an expired number.

Same here , now they are ask for code , but i cant get it , Any idea how fix it?

This perhaps?

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