Twitter phone verification


Does Google voice works with Twitter? Where can I get Twitter phone verification?


I don’t know anything about Google voice. If you want to phone verify Twitter it is best to use numbers you have access to later again.

If Twitter asks for a new PV for an account already having a phone number you are obligated to use that same number again. Not having access to it anymore will lead to a permanent ban. This is different than IG, where you can always use a new number.


I simply remove the phone from profile after getting the SMS
If you don’t do it, than what dimitri sad its the best for you.


That is smart. Twitter doesn’t make problems after you remove the number directly?


I do that for FB with no issues. Obviously different platforms, different rules, but yeah, if it works it’s a good option.


Twitter always doing problems. but I use to work like that for 1 year already.


How do you retweet correctly?
How many tiers you using? @dimitri


I do sell phone verifications with real numbers if interested :slight_smile: