Twitter PV issues using Jarvee

Hey there guys! how are you all? :slight_smile:

Not sure how many of you using Jarvee for Twitter but we have found many issues recently,
our “old” jarvee accounts (main accounts of clients) are working amazing, doing about 250 actions a day with 0 issues,
our new main accounts (client’s accounts we added about 2-3 months ago) getting every week new PV,
here is what we tried:

  1. Lower our settings (doing max 40-50 actions a day!)
  2. Doing follow and unfollow at different times of the day
  3. Changing the proxy
  4. Making sure the client isn’t doing any actions
  5. Giving the accounts 1-2 weeks offf

Nothing helped yet, I would love to know what other solutions you guys have and also if its also happened to you as well, the Jarvee support saying they can not help us and it’s not something in Jarvee.

Thank you all

Those are the basics really, not sure what else to recommend besides maybe to keep them logged out from other devices and to schedule some unique content.

I am not scaling Twitter at the moment, but have noticed exactly the same thing with Linkedin accounts. Especially with the new ones. Prolly, some time needs to pass till the accounts’ trust score is improved.

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What about proxies, how many accounts are you running per proxy?

And, have you tried some different proxy providers? or a proxy close to the client’s current location?

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I noticed a wave of RESET PASSWORD issue 3 days ago, Twitter usually does these things in two or three months, but now is working fine on my side.

Hope we can hear from more Twitter users to see if they get the same issue.

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Thank you all for your support :slight_smile:

We are using 4G private proxies, yes and 1 account per proxy, will test now another location yes it’s a great idea. thanks a lot Said!

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For the PV’s that you get, do you also get these when you visit those affected Twitter profiles? The previous thread I can recall for Twitter issues is that the account shows valid in Jarvee, however, it gets that alert on the image below when you visit the profile… image

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Thank you Jessi :slight_smile:
on our side it’s not happening, we see the PV message on Jarvee as well so it’s not still valid

Maybe adding some actions like retweeting, liking can make the account appear more human. I also put a timeframe for nightmode on the accounts. Hope it helps

Likely your proxy

use a 4g mobile proxy