Twitter PVA accounts

Hello. I set uped 4 6-7 years old twitter accounts and they marked as a suspended at login in MP. If I login manually though browser twitter ask for phone. I enter phones and can work with this accounts, but Massplanner says they are suspended. Is it a problem with my accounts? or I did something wrong?


Go to social profiles, click on your account, go to username field, just remove the username and add it again immediately. Click on verify and it should get Valid status now.

Same result. Suspended and asking for Phone number if login though browser.

And when you enter phone number, you’re in, right? Ok, do that again, then close EB and go to Social profiles, click on actions then click on Verify button. Same thing just without removing username (that deletes cookies)

Yes, I can use account in browser after phone verification. I done all you said - same result.