Twitter Removing Followers (Shadow Ban?)

Hey everyone, I’m running my Twitter account on MP and noticed something very very strange.

I will get a notification that I was followed, and for a brief moment it shows that they’re following me. After a few seconds however, when I navigate to their page the “Follows You” blurb disappears and they also are not in my list of followers.

To investigate this, I was DM’ing one of my new followers and asked if they unfollowed me, at which point they sent me a screenshot showing they are indeed following me. I’m a little shocked right now.

It still shows that they followed me in my notifications, but again they are not in my list of followers nor does their profile have the “Follows You” tag.

Is this potentially a new form of shadow ban?

Interesting stuff. I didn’t have this situation. Maybe this could be just a current glitch on Twitter’s side. For how long does this lasts?

You’re right. About 24 hours later they all appeared as followers and the problem seemed to be solved. Very strange! I also contacted twitter support about it, so perhaps they manually intervened.

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Did you check it on the embedded browser? If so, try checking the follow status on another device (Twitter mobile app or desktop Twitter). I agree with Bianca, it looks like just a glitch.

I recommend, whenever you encounter these types of issues to check it out from other devices, other browser or from a phone app and see if it’s happening there as well.

This all actually happened from the mobile device, not MP at first. After 24 hours (and sending a support ticket to Twitter) suddenly everything started working again and I haven’t encountered this issue again.