Twitter reset password

Hey Guys,
In the last time, I have a problem with Twitter accounts.
I did 250 actions per day and everything working well.

But now I start to get blocks and Many times I got “reset password” and verify the account with the phone number.
Something happend? Maybe Twitter did a few updates?

What do you recommend to do in this case?


How many accounts you run per proxy? It’s possible that your accounts have something in common and that Twitter is able to track that.

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Make sure that you are not logged from other devices and that you are using good proxy or your Home IP address.

Hey Bianca ,
I run 10 accounts per proxy 9 IG accounts and 1 Twitter account.

I use 4G proxy, and just me and the client connected to this account.

9 IG account per proxy is a lot and you will have an issue with IG in the future.

for Twitter, you should not manage/do actions you and the client at the same time that will definitely get you PV’s

if you are managing the account from a software make sure to enable night mode first before the client can log in.