Twitter Retweet Not Working - Error Code 168

Anybody here who uses Jarvee for Twitter? Do you find the retweet function not working as well? It returns an error code 168 timeout occurred. I monitored the embedded browser and it looks like it’s not clicking the retweet button.

My proxies are working fast. Also tried retweeting from different sources but to no avail. It looks like Twitter change placement of the retweet button and the bot couldn’t figure out how to click that.

P.S. I created this new thread because the old one seems to have been dead already. Thanks!

There was a fix for this in Version mine seems to be working, you might need to adjust your filters.

The error seems to be fiixed you should make sure that you have the last version


if the issue persist you should contact Jarvee support they should be aware of this so that they can make the necessary changes.

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Got it. I updated and it works now. Thanks!

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