Twitter soft ban ? Is this possible or is something else the problem?

Hi guys, haven’t used twitter in a while and was just re-starting an old account. It doesn’t seem to work though, It doesn’t show the feed, it looks like this :

also, if I try to post anything it give an error :

So is this a soft ban or something? Is the account banned from doing certain stuff but not fully banned so I can still login?

Anyone else encountered this and how can I fix it?


It’s the first time I see this to be honest.
I don’t see many solutions here, maybe contacting Twitter support, but with all the users they have, it might take a while till you get an answer.

Can you change the profile photo?

Twitter banned a lot of inactive accounts last year.

It lets me go through the steps of the process, I hit save then it redirect to the profile page and says “banner failed to update because some media din’t upload” … or something along those lines.

this means account banned
( try searching up the account from your phone or incognito mode and if it says suspended then move on )

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I didn’t see this before, it seems like something temporary but I’m not sure. If you use proxy for this accounts, check if everything is fine with the proxy.

it shows up correctly, it does not show that is banned

hmm, will try that, maybe that’s the case, thanks.

How long is this happening? Maybe to stop trying for day or two and then see if it will appear again?

Yes, Twitter sometimes does partial bans. does not precisely tell you what actions of yours are permitted, but it can be helpful in giving you some insight into whether Twitter is looking negatively at your account.