Twitter Sources and Jarvee

Hello everyone,

I wanted to try a little twitter on jarvee, I have big problems with the “follow” tool. Indeed, Jarvee can’t scrape correctly, I find myself after extraction with a list of 0 target. :sweat_smile:

Here I would like to know if this has already happened to you (I have of course looked on the internet and on other forums like BHW) but I unfortunately did not find an answer haha ! :kissing:

Thank you for your time. :innocent:


Jarvee is catered more towards Instagram. Try tweetfull, I’ve heard good things about this twitter bot.

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Thank you a lot ! I will try this :grin:

Wow price are so high wtf :sweat_smile:

Have you tried it yet? Would love to know if it is far away from Jarvee :joy: