Twitter Suspended Acccounts


I have the following issue, maybe someone can advise me what to do:

The Issue:

  • i have 50 twitter accounts on the same IP (it’s a dynamic IP that changes every now and then) (because I am broke and could not afford private proxies for these twitters)
  • all these twitters post links from the same news site
  • 6 of them have got suspended today (not phone verification or password reset suspension, but the real suspension “this account has been suspended”.)
  • these suspensions can only be lifted if I appeal to Twitter Support and someone on their side decides they remove the suspension

The Question:

  • should I appeal to Twitter Support to try and get those 6 accounts un-suspended? Or will this draw too much attention to my IP and my site, possibly ending up in a ban of all the other 46 twitters i have?

Any input would be much appreciated! Thanks!

Once suspended there dead bro

I think you should let them go because it would make too much attention on rest of your accounts. Even if you’re broke you should use proxies, otherwise you will face these problems again. :slight_smile:

I would worry about the other accounts too. I do not know what posting links with 50 accounts to 1 news site gives you… But if it is not enough to pay for proxies I would stop that immediately.