Twitter unhelpful with my compromised account

I became an avid user of Twitter for over 4 years and thoroughly enjoyed my experience and met some new and interesting people along the way. My page was a lovely devoted and positive page . It was not politically driven . However over the years my account had been compromised on a few occasions. When this happened Twitter would ask me to type in my email address . I did so and was able to use my account. Recently a youtubr whom i subscribed to was falsely arrested and she attached a video footage . I - f course lend my support . Shortly after i received a notification from Twitter advising my account had been compromised from a user or someone not related to Twitter ( possibly the Tennessee Police or a celebrity. However recently my account was compromised again and a code was sent my email address which Microsoft refuse me to have access too. Twitter had been extremely unhelpful , just responded using re-generated emails . When i recieve a half decent one they referred me back to Microsoft who had been a asshole at giving me back my hotmail account

I recently contacted Twitter again after having been over a year without my account and was simply ingored. I need some advice , Also does anyone know if there will be a rival social network to Twitter and Instagram?

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Closest I can think of is pinterest.

Pinterest is nonsense in my opinion. It does not have that instant feedback that twitter has