Twitter's Version of Stories: Fleet

Hey all!
I just saw that Twitter has added their version of Instagram story called Fleets.

I find it late in the game but was wondering if this would be a fresh way to build your Twitter account.

What do you guys think?

Yeah, it was very late. I’d never thought Twitter would add such a feature. I saw my mutuals joked about the feature when it was first introduced, but now they use the feature every day. :slightly_smiling_face: I think it’s a nice feature addition. I wish they had it on Twitter web too. It would be great if we can automate watching fleets in Jarvee.

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It would be great for jarvee! We can only hope, but I’m going to try and see how I can use it to grow a new Twitter account.

For me this just don’t go with Twitter :smiley: I use Twitter to get different kind of content, and this way it remands me of Instagram, which again I use for to seek for other kind of content.

i don’t see the feature Fleet on my account

The feature is available for all users. It seems you’re using an older version of Twitter app. Go to app store, and update your Twitter app.

i don’t know but my newest account have this feature but old account didn’t have

I agree with Bianca here. It seems like platforms are just trying to copy one another and to offer the same options as others. I prefer platforms to have something unique for each of them.


Yeah I guess they are seeing the others and need to adapt. I’m still a huge fan of Twitter but really think it’s more of an RSS feed. Or at least that’s what I use it for!


I’m glad someone else uses it the same way as I do! Isn’t Twitter’s whole idea basically lots of individual RSS feeds curated into one easy to access place?

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I use it basically the same way. It is important to adapt to changes, but it’s not wise to lose identity and respect along the way.

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Yeah exactly. I’ve been looking around to see what still works on Twitter and it’s really only celebrities and journalists that make a stink. I see accounts that used to be so popular with 1 or 2 likes if that per posts. So would be interesting to see what the algorithm is doing.

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I didn’t pay attention to this since I use Twitter only for private purposes. Do you have any details related to some bigger changes?