Two accounts created on one device


so I got a new device plus foreign SIM (US) to start posting on the US Feed. I created an account but couldn’t change to the username I needed anymore and had to wait for 30 days to do so. So I created a second account on the Same device ( I logged out and reinstalled the app before doing so!)

I posted my first video and got 0 views, then I found out it’s under review for no reason ( tried to share it). Post another vid one day after got like 2 views. No FYP

Did I fucked up the device by creating two accounts on one device and shadowbanned the device by doing so ?

Hope you can help out!

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I did the same well over a year ago and yet still get 0 views only views from followers. Iv tried reinstalling the app, using a VPN but it seems to be a device ban (At least it is with me) and there isn’t anything I can do… except a new phone I guess.

It’s been a year since I last created accounts on TikTok with my phone, and I made two accounts there with different usernames, different email, and different mobile numbers. One is for me, and one is for my pet. And I did not have that kind of issue before.

What about the internet connection that you are using, did it reflect the US as it’s location as well?

having two accounts per device is a normal thing and it will not harm the accounts. The video with the 2 views, how long did it take to have those 2 views if it’s few hours then you should give the account more time.